Designing your way to winning graphics

True multimedia connoisseurs are always on the lookout for events which will trigger their creative selves. Graphic artists, for e.g. are always hunting for contests based on graphic designing – logos, banners, stand alone illustrations or larger than life masterpieces, it’s an exciting world out there. Most of the graphic design contest events (about 80%) are conducted online – through related websites & blogs. It is very important to keep a tab of the dates (final date of submission, etc.). Also verify the genuine nature of the organizer of this graphic design contest – many are plain hoaxes. Do not forget to check whether you fit into the eligibility criteria of the contest – it will be a pity if you discover you are not eligible after you spend many hours & much more neurons over the masterpiece.

Get details about the specifications of the artwork. Many of the contests will be a part of some or the other advertising or promoting campaign for an upcoming venture, product or a social cause. Get information about the size, orientation (landscape or portrait) and the resolution of the graphic that is required. Many contests will restrict you to particular software or a group of software that can be used for developing the graphic while there are many who won’t care where the graphic comes from.

Check the output format desired & it’s parameters. While sending the raw file for verification, barcode it (see the available tutorials for your designing software) before you release it to somebody. This will help protect the originality of your artwork.