Problogging Setup Mini-Contest: Closed

So it is the 7th of November, a week from my 25th birthday, and earlier in the month, I created a post about the technology I use to blog every day called My Problogging Setup, and at the end, to see if you were all paying attention, I included a quick mini-contest where all you had to do was comment. I had some great entries, and realized that I am about mid-range in technology when it comes to my readership. I also realized I need to get more monitor/desktop real estate, and will rectify that as soon as I find some way to afford it.

The Problogging Setup Mini-Contest contestant that really blew me away though was Char from Essential Keystrokes. She posted a great overview, much like my own, on her own blog. Her post was well thought out and understandably wouldn’t fit in “just a comment”. I love when people add to the conversation on their own blogs.

Thank you to everyone that entered. If you are interested in purchasing advertising on, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and we can always work out a deal. My rates aren’t set in stone.