ScratchBack Added, Waiting for NoFollowAds

As you can see, just before the end of November, I added another thing to the right sidebar of this blog that allows you to leave me a tip. It is called ScratchBack. The basic premise is that you get a link from my blog, in a prime position, without offending Google. I get a few dollars, thus everyone is happy.

So far, no one has purchased a link on this blog, and the barrier appears to be price. People aren’t really willing to pay a fair deal for a text link on a blog, especially when it doesn’t give search engine power like Text Link Ads service does.

But this is the reason why ScratchBack doesn’t aggravate Google, as Text Link Ads basically allows people with deep pockets to manipulate the search engine results through purchasing links.

Mark from is looking to build a more advanced system than ScratchBack currently employs, and he will also make his Google friendly by making the advertisements “no-follow”, thus the name NoFollowAds. It is shaping up to be a system that can do more than replace ScratchBack, and I am looking forward to its eventual release.

Until then, please feel free to give me a tip via ScratchBack, and sign up if you are interested in what is currently a 90% revenue share in your pocket. ScratchBack will be changing this to what is assumed to be 70% once the Beta is over)

All links in this article are referral links, and if you click them, I will have a monetary gain from them. If you enjoy and its content, please use the above links when signing up.

Originally posted on December 3, 2007 @ 7:26 pm

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