Online Directories Can Boost Your Blog’s Exposure

Blog owners and publishers need to find ways to promote their sites on the various online channels available. This is a must in order to drive traffic and gain new followers on a consistent basis. Exposure is a must for any online business owing to the tight competition and it plays a significant role in the success of any enterprise.

Listing your site on online directories should be highly considered as this can greatly help in increasing exposure. While there are business directories, there are also blog directories that cater exclusively to blogs.


Eatonweb is one blog directory that many businesses, bloggers and publishers find very useful. As the oldest of its kind available online and one of the most complete blog directories, it continues to attract individuals and groups from around the world. It is the most ideal online space where you can establish your blog’s authority on the web.

Unlike other similar sites, Eatonweb follows a unique approach in measuring and displaying the importance of blogs published in the directory. Every blog is ranked in three ways based on its strength, momentum and overall.

The strength aspect takes into consideration many individual web metrics collected from various sources. The blogs shown on the top when you visit Eatonweb are those with the highest strength rankings.

The momentum metric, on the other hand, measures a blog’s relative growth. This aspect enables visitors of the directory to see blogs that are healthy and those that are not performing well online. Browsing the Eatonweb directory by the momentum metric will show the fastest growing blogs at the top spot.

The third metric (overall) measures both the strength and momentum at the same time. This provides the overall quality of a blog in terms of age and growth. As such, blogs that display strength yet do not grow are penalized while those that are new and still weak but growing fast are rewarded.

Compared to promoting in social media which requires regular updating, online directories will display your blog’s url and other details for the long term. As such, you only have to maintain and improve your blog or website moving forward to make sure that you are seen and visited regularly.

Cost-wise, only a small fee is needed to have your blog listed on paid directories. The fee is quite minimal compared to what you would spend for traditional advertising but your site will enjoy great exposure onward. Additionally, listings are very efficient in the sense that the directory is doing the job of promoting for your blog.

Originally posted on May 29, 2015 @ 6:22 pm

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