Perfcast is Coming Back

Update: The live recording will take place on Thursday the 28th of August at 7pm EST! We had to change due to work schedules. I hope you can all make it out for Thursday.

Lately, I have been a little light on podcasting here because of the issues I have been having with PodPress not working with WordPress 2.6 as well as the limited feedback I have been getting in producing my own show, but it is with great excitement that I announce that Perfcast, the Performancing Podcast, is coming back, and I will be the co-host.

Jeff Chandler, previously the host of WordPress Weekly, will be taking the lead on the project, since he works and writes on Performancing, but I will be the regular co-host, and assist him in covering all facets of blogging and the blogosphere.

I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of topics we come up with and what Jeff and I differ on when we talk about the various goings on in our chosen career.

From Performancing:

Each week David and I will either be covering the news in the blogosphere, discussing topics related to blogging, conducting interviews with successful bloggers or interacting with the community. At the end of each show, we will be announcing a blogging job of the week as well as a blogging challenge.

The first episode will be Wednesday, August 27th at 7P.M. EST on Talkshoe. That means it will be live, and interactive, but don’t worry if you can’t make it. The recorded version will be on Performancing soon after. If you want to be reminded when we have a live stream coming up, please register on Talkshoe and follow the Perfcast.

Originally posted on August 13, 2008 @ 1:23 pm

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