The Best News is Breaking News

Earlier this week, I decided I would try to break some news, and did two posts that have done amazing, one was a screencast of what the new WordPress Administration panel looks like for Tubetorial, and the other was a post on Blogging Pro about WordPress 2.4 being skipped/delayed. I didn’t really do any of my normal promotion techniques on these posts, as I wanted to see if I had really hit on something worth talking about. Both posts were very well received, and while Tubetorial hadn’t had any videos for a long while, the site sprang to life once it was linked to by some prominent bloggers.

It was interesting to see people write about my posts and not link back to them, but I was still very impressed to see how the news spread from site to site, and both posts have received many links. I don’t consider myself to be the “breaking news” type, but these posts both showed the raw power of talking about something first.

Originally posted on January 5, 2008 @ 12:59 am

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