Right Wing and Left Wing Blogs That Tackle Immigration Issues

It’s a normal part of life for people to move from one country to another. The reasons are varied such as wanting to join a family member in a foreign country, find a better job or pursue further studies. According to a 2013 United Nations report, there were more than 231,522 immigrants in the world with the United Arab Emirates having the biggest share of immigrants.

In many countries today, immigration is a major issue involving economic and political factors. While some citizens are open to the idea of allowing people from other countries to live in their own country, many do not agree resulting in protests against their government.

“In recent months, news on immigrants fleeing their country and entering the European Union (EU) hogged the headlines,” noted attorney Kerry Yianilos, a visa lawyer in the San Diego area. “These current migrant crisis has forced nations to step up their border control and modify its policy towards migrants and refugees,” she added.

Here are some of the top right wing and left wing blogs and their views on immigration.

Left Foot Forward

Left Foot Forward is a political blog that features an analysis of British politics, policy and current affairs. As a left-wing blog, it has been cited in the Guardian, Financial Times and The Economist among many other print and online publications.

The blog’s main objectives are to achieve a good society, sustainable economic policy, social justice, multilateral foreign policy, clean politics and a Britain where citizens of every background continue to build a shared country.

Canada Immigrant

The Canada Immigrant’s blog is authored by an immigrant himself who came from a third world country and entered Canada as a skilled worker to eventually become a permanent resident. The site is the author’s personal effort to share his views and opinions on Canadian immigration. Its target audience is not only the immigrants already in the country but also those waiting to enter Canada.

Politics, Knowledge & Migration

The Politics, Knowledge & Migration blog is authored by Christina Boswell, a professor of Politics at the University of Edinburgh. The site shares news and insights from Boswell’s research on immigration and asylum policy over the past 12 years. The research specifically looks into the use of knowledge in formulating policies and politics and the impact of policy interventions.

The Politics of Immigration

The Politics of Immigration blog covers immigration issues and tackles questions with hard facts. It shares world news involving immigrants, their present situations as well as statements from groups fighting for human rights, immigrant rights and women’s rights among many others.

Originally posted on January 19, 2016 @ 2:37 am

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