Ways to Avoid Bullying Online

The internet may have many advantages to people particularly on the communication aspect. It has connected people from the different parts of the globe through text and video communication.

Unfortunately with fast and easy access to the internet today, those with unpleasant motives are getting more confident in doing acts that cause harm to others. These include stealing personal information, using fraudulent credit card accounts to make huge purchases online, hacking websites and cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying, in particular, has become a major problem faced by both kids and adults. This is often done on social networking sites through text, photos and even video.


“Parents need to be on guard and should teach their children the ways to prevent them from being bullied,” said Samantha Greene, a San Diego Child Abuse Attorney. “Constant supervision is necessary but taking the right action should also be done if worse comes to worst,” she added.

What to Do

As parents, make sure that you limit the time your child spends online. Set a house rule on this matter and always see to it that it’s being followed.

Also, don’t let your child provide more personal information in his social media accounts. Advice him or her as well not to befriend strangers and not to include information of his whereabouts whenever they post updates.

Find a way to get the login details including passwords of your children. Assure them that you will use them only during emergency situations. In line with this, it might be a good idea as well to request a friend to follow or friend your child on their social media sites. This way, they can help you monitor your child’s online activi ties.

Should your child receives a rude message from a friend or classmate, tell him or her not to answer back or retaliate. Replying to hate or curse messages will only prolong the conversation whereas if you leave it as is, chances are the bully person will no longer continue.

You can also choose to use the tools available on social media sites. You can block the person and report him or her to the admin of the site. Facebook, for instance, has these options which you can use for text, photos and videos.

If, however, the person continues to post rude messages directed at your child, it’s time to tell him or stop or better, report him or her to the parents or to school or law enforcement authorities. You need to act right away to put a stop to what this bully is doing to your child.

Finally, always be a role model to your child. Keep in mind that children absorb in their minds what they see their parents are doing. Hence, if you teach your kids the right values and you practice them as well in your daily lives, you can be assured of responsible grownups later on. When kids know and feel the support of their parents, they also in turn gain confidence that they can hurdle the trials they face in life.

Originally posted on December 10, 2015 @ 2:58 am

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