5 High-Caliber Tools to Supercharge Your Conversion Rate


Whether you are running an online store, blogging for a living, or selling SaaS, conversions hold the key to the profitability of your endeavor. Unfortunately, it is a known fact that a majority of your visitors will be hesitant to convert. That is why Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO will take up the bulk of your time in monetizing your website.

According to a report done by Venture Beat, CRO has an ROI rate of 223 percent. Not only will it lead to more sales and opt-ins, but it will also lower your cost-per-acquisition—making your website even more profitable in the long run. However, to implement successful CRO, you need nothing but the right tools.

Below are five CRO tools you should consider:

1. Yieldify


Yieldify is a conversion optimization tool that focuses on mobile – the fastest growing digital touchpoint for marketers today. Although the tool is straightforward and easy to use, the actual marketing process is complex. It utilizes an algorithm that is based on over 4.5 billion interactions across thousands of customer campaigns to predict the best content that will engage your audience.

To integrate Yieldify, you only need to embed a script within your website’s code. Apart from CRO, another focal point of the platform is remarketing, which targets previous visitors who abandoned your site to convert.

Keep in mind that, although most of your website visitors will not convert at first, they probably had the intention to buy; it just wasn’t the right time. With Yieldify, you can easily create and schedule remarketing emails to re-engage prospects who abandoned their shopping carts.

2. Spokal


Spokal focuses on the content marketing front, which lies at the heart of every digital marketing campaign. It is jam-packed with features to help you develop, publish, and promote your content. For example, you can easily use the built-in image editor to create branded images for your blog posts or newsletters. You can also easily schedule these using the drag-and-drop editorial calendar to ensure you can reach your audience when it counts.

Take note that all these features are accessible via the Spokal dashboard. Fortunately, it has a well-designed interface, which makes it easy to get to the platform. Some of its other notable features include built-in SEO suggestions, a Flickr image add-on, and collaborative features for external contributors.

3. TruConversion


Just like Yieldify, TruConversion is a CRO platform that takes only a few minutes to integrate with your website. However, the main difference between the two platforms is that TruConversion focuses on reporting and performance tracking to help you optimize your site. It also allows you to launch micro surveys and polls to help you extract insights from your customers.

One of the key features of TruConversion is the heatmap tool, which allows you to cut through the number crunching and directly observe how your audience interacts with your site. If you want deeper insights, you can also check recordings to see your site from the eyes of visitors.

4. TrenDemon


TrenDemon is a powerful CRO tool that collects insight reports on your site to help you optimize your content strategy. It automatically scans your pages to identify trends within your top performing content – be it videos, infographics, or plain text articles – and see how they align with your content marketing goals.

Furthermore, TrenDemon allows you to directly observe journeys – from the source of traffic to their exit point. Its other features include split testing, a customizable interface, and personalized content recommendations. In case you are working with a team, you can also export and share reports.

5. Ahrefs


Finally, you can never ignore Search Engine Optimization or SEO and its effect on your conversion rates. Remember that a solid SEO strategy not just for increasing traffic; it is also about targeting traffic to make each visitor count. Ahrefs is an on-page SEO tool that focuses on your site’s backlink structure. It will help you develop a keyword strategy that helps your value propositions reach the right people.

Ahrefs has four key features to help you optimize your content: site explorer, positions explorer, content explorer, and position tracker. These features bring you reports and crucial data that can help you analyze backlinks, competitors, important SEO metrics, and the top performing content in your niche. When it comes to SEO rankings, you can also rely on the crawl report to quickly spot SEO issues and how to fix them.


Without a doubt, CRO can unlock the profitability of your website and make all your hard work pay off. With the tools above, you can tackle different areas of CRO such as mobile optimization, content development, and targeted SEO. After knowing the tools of the trade, the next step is to create a cohesive strategy to make sure everything pushes towards the accomplishment of your business goals.

Originally posted on October 21, 2016 @ 11:24 pm