Xfep Podcast: Episode 10


Time to talk about building up your blog.

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Show Notes

0:30 – Blog Popularity

  • No 4 Letter .com Domains Left
  • Why I Created XFEP

1:27 – Content is Not King: Promotion of it Is

2:30 – Comments and Conversations about Your Content

2:55 – Digital Life News

3:22 – Monetization is a 1% Game

4:10 – Its all about Promotion

4:25 – The Right Content for the Right Social Media Service

4:45 – Find the Key Demographic on Social Media Sites

Link to Social Media Services on Vandelay Design

5:20 – WordPress Plugins for Social Media

6:18 – More on Promoting Content

  • Others in the same niche
  • Social promotion groups
  • Bigger blogs
  • 40% of your Blogging time should be used for promotion

7:22 – Wrap-up

Intro and Exit Music

Wired for Loud by David Henderson, found via PodsafeAudio