My Approaching Birthday: Self Reflection

In nine days, on November 14th, I will be turning twenty-six years old and for some reason, this seems like a bigger milestone to me than my twenty-fifth birthday. Maybe it is because I will now definitely be closer to thirty than twenty, or maybe because of how things currently are in my life, but it has brought about a strong sense of self-reflection.

There are so many things I still want to do in my life, and I feel like I haven’t done as many of them over the last year as I would have liked. It is easier to say this than do it, but we all need to work harder, longer, smarter and faster. I am guilty of being far too lazy in my life, and in doing so, I am doing myself a great disservice, as I am not accomplishing all that I could, and I have a feeling many of you might be realizing the same thing.

If you want to make it “big” in the business of blogging, you need to give 1000% for as long as possible. I am not sure how to make this change in my life, but I am going to try to not wait for some inspiration or magical answer to fall from the sky, and instead, I am going to push harder, build faster, and work smarter.

We all have a finite amount of time in our day, and many of us spend too much of it on the wrong things. The only caveat I will hand out in this though is to make sure you love what you are doing because working at a super human level will drain you to a husk of a person if you don’t love what you are doing.

Originally posted on November 5, 2008 @ 11:55 am

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