What’s Your Data Backup Plan?

I know this isn’t money, advertising or blogging related really, but it can effect bloggers greatly as even servers can crash.

Over on Freelance Folder there is a post about backing up your data, and some simple steps you can take. Also, in the comments there are some other great recommendations. Not all of the things listed in the post or comments might help you back up your blog, but make sure you do it. And don’t forget to back up your database, and not just your files. In WordPress and other blog software, the database is where all your posts are, as well as you comments and configuration, so without your database, you won’t have much of anything.

A snippet from the Freelance Folder post:

The first stage of a Disaster Recovery plan is simply backing up all your important data. And it’s never been cheaper to do so – you can hit your local computer store and pick up monster-sized external hard drives for less than a hundred dollars. They plug right into a USB port and are ready to go with little or no setup. I just picked up a pair of 320 GB external drives yesterday for $70 a piece, plugged them in, and was good to go.

Check out the full post on Freelance Folder.