4 Ways To Up Your SEO Game

If you’re trying to improve your search engine results when it comes to your website, there’s many different tricks, tips, and advice that you can follow to up your game. Some of them are fairly self-explanatory, whereas others of them are a little bit more esoteric and you have to understand the inner workings of Google’s algorithms to comprehend why the work.

A few examples of ways to improve your search engine optimization would be to write better headlines, use photo and image resources accordingly, get into semantic phrases, and follow the industry leaders to see how they are approaching SEO.

Write Better Headlines

Most people think of search engine optimization as functioning by scanning through the body content of a webpage. However, headlines are major part of SEO value as well. Especially when tagged properly, the right headlines will suggest to search algorithms what your primary content is going to be. Especially if you use content keywords in headlines and subheads, you’ll get a much better score as long as you keep the appropriate ratio of words in the right pocket.

Use Photo and Image Resources

You can use SEO photo features to help you out as well. Every single photo that you have can be tagged with a description, metadata, and a filename. If you use all of those your advantage, Google’s image search in particular will start pointing more toward your nested web pages. If you leave filing systems on default, and never fill out descriptions, titles, or captions, then they are doing nothing to help your overall search engine optimization score.

Get Into Semantics

Using semantics for search engine optimization is a relatively new phenomenon that is gaining in popularity. Basically, if you have a certain keyword that is your content focus, there is a cloud of words that surrounds that text that suggests that you are an expert in describing the field. For example, if you talk about music theory on a webpage, the more music theory terms you use in the descriptions, the higher your score is going to be. It’s hard to fake expertise when it comes to writing about certain topics, which is why this is such a useful method for people who know their content.

Follow the Leaders

When you search for certain content words, who has the very top results on the search engine page? That is the leader in attention as far as Google goes. What you can do to help your own site out is to see how they have their content arranged. What is the relationship of keyword percentage, semantics, headers and subheaders, and captions on images? You’ll find that industry leaders in all different types of businesses will have similar search engine optimization techniques they use.

Originally posted on May 22, 2018 @ 7:36 am

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