Diversification and Me

You have probably all heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, and that holds true with working on the web. Never work for just one company, even if they are willing to pay you full time. Do as I have done, and make sure you have some projects of your own to fall back on, just in case. Never work on just one blog, as Google can be fickle and destroy the traffic, and thus revenue of a blog overnight. Never invest all your money in one idea, as there can be unforeseen complications that can ruin you.

It is with this in mind that I will be expanding my own blogging related business to include some new sites that will be launched very shortly. I am on the hunt for writers, and I am bringing my wife in to help with the book keeping and scouting talent.

If you are interested in writing for me, please use my contact form and send me links to samples of your work, as well as some details about yourself, your expertise, your passions, your contact details and lastly your current rates for 250 word news coverage posts (where you add your opinion to a quoted piece of text), and a 500-1000 word original article.

I will be setting a fair bit of time aside for these projects, from promotion, management and even training. If you want to learn from me and my experiences, working with me would be the best way to do that, so if you are interested, please apply.