Took a Week Off and Missed Blogging Here

Last week, I pretty much took a week off from blogging, and most computer stuff. I stayed away from the Internet as much as possible, and just tried to recharge my internal battery. When I did come online, it was just for simple things, and to entertain myself.

I spent some time researching the upcoming Star Trek Online massively multiplayer online game which is probably years away from being launched. I worked a bit on some fiction writing that I’ve left dormant for months now. It was all very nice, but I did realize something: I find blogging here relaxing.

While I didn’t really miss podcasting, dealing with e-mail, spam, plugins, WordPress and whatnot, I did miss writing on here and talking about my experiences with blogging and my career making money through online jobs.

I am still glad I took a week off, but I am even happier to find that unlike most of my hobbies turned “for profit activities”, I still enjoy writing on here.

I have a feeling that a large part of that is thanks to the great audience I have.

Also, for those of you new to this site, make sure you check out my little contest for readers of this blog.

Originally posted on August 4, 2008 @ 5:19 pm

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