Browser Limitations: Let Me In!

This is just a quick rant on something I noticed that is very frustrating to me, and I am sure, others: browser limitations.

You are browsing the web with your favourite browser, and come to a site that has a huge notice letting you know your browser isn’t compatible with the site you are trying to visit. It then lets you know that you should be using Internet Explorer.

My reaction is always the same, “are you serious!?”

I don’t understand why so many companies create such walls based around browsers. I can understand putting up a warning before showing the site. Let me know that my browser might not display things correctly, or certain features may not work, and then allow me to click a button to see your site, despite those facts.

Surely, it can’t be too difficult to create such a system where I, the user, has the choice to continue because I can tell you right now, I won’t be hopping onto Internet Explorer just to view your site. I will move on, and complain endlessly about your choice to not let me in.