Thinking Differently: Childhood Imagination Reminders

My background and interest in writing started out due to my wild imagination. I used to love writing short, fictional stories about super heroes, alien races, and immortals. I believe that this imagination, while maybe not as strong today, helped my writing, and solidified me as a decent blogger early on in my career.

When I am in a slump with my writing, I take some time to think back to when I was younger and imagine the things I used to imagine. When on car rides, I used to pretend there was a superhero like ninja running along side of the car, using trees, telephone polls and vehicles on the road to keep up with the car that I was in. I used to imagine that a Star Trek shuttle crash landed in my back yard after traveling back in time, and who, of my friends, I would pick up to create my small crew and what I would do with such advanced technology.

Holding on to these fantasies help me keep my imagination alive, and see things differently than others around me. It also helps me step out from the current situation, and any emotional bias I might have and look at things rationally, as though I would be unaffected by any conclusion I came up with.

I suggest that everyone trying to build a career in blogging take time to think back to when you were younger, your dreams, passions, and fantasies and hold on to them, as I have found getting older gives very little time for such creativity.

Your writing will be better for it.

Originally posted on September 13, 2008 @ 6:40 pm

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