Small Traffic Boost From Digg

Yesterday, this blog was fortunate enough to get to the front page of Digg. Thankfully, I had everything all ready to go and the site weathered the minor Digg storm just fine.

The story was Understanding Search Engine Penalties, and it has received over 300 votes.

The traffic was pretty great, didn’t really receive many links or anything, the comments on Digg, were less than nice, and even some of the ones I received here were pretty negative.

All in all, it worked out nicely in my favour, and brought in enough traffic that eXtra for Every Publisher has in ten days beaten the previous high traffic month, December 2007, by over 6,000 unique visitors.

My traffic so far this month stands at:
Unique Visitors – 29,693
Page Views – 83,933

I am very happy, and I can’t wait to see if there are any reasonably long term effects from getting on the front page of Digg, and for once, not getting buried. Blogs, especially like this one, rarely see the front page of Digg, and so that definitely made me feel a little special.

A huge thanks to all the people that voted the story up, and enjoyed the article and Celebrity Cowboy for being so great and letting me analyze their site.

Originally posted on January 10, 2008 @ 8:17 pm

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