New Advertising Rates

I have decided to update my advertising rates once again, as traffic continues to soar pretty high on this site, and rankings continue to rise and things change both in my life and on the site, I figured it would be a good time to set them once again.

Currently, you can advertise on this blog starting at prices less than $0.20 CPM!

I think that blows the industry standard out of the water, and I hope many potential advertisers will appreciate the low rates. I doubt I will keep them this low, even if the response to the prices is low, as I could be more active in seeking out advertisers and I know I could secure them, even at higher rates with the high amount of traffic I am receiving.

Some quick stats for those that are interested:

  • Last month, this blog did over half a million page views.
  • This blog is now 17th on the Make Money Online blog list.
  • This blog now has nearly 400 posts, and over 1100 comments
  • This blog is now read by over 400 RSS subscribers daily

If you are interested in advertising on, check out my Advertising page, and then contact me. Get your 125×125 banner on for $60 today!