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Tablets Useful as a Second Monitor

As the use of tablets overtake smartphones, publishers are enjoyiong the great benefits of this mobile device. With this new portable technology, they can do their work wherever they may be.

In fact, this gadget also serves busy bloggers, writers and business owners very efficiently. It can be used a second monitor in wired workstations whether at home or in the office. Oftentimes, these people need to work on several browsers and having a single monitor may not be enough. But thanks to the tablet, they can work better and thus, be more productive.

To use your iPad as a second monitor, your first step is to download a second display app. There are Android and iOS app that somehow informs your desktop that another external monitor is connecting to your system.

Some of these popular apps are easy to configure, you can do it in a few minutes. And they’re very affordable ranging from $1.99 to a high of $9.99.
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How Can Employees Benefit from Mediation

In any workplace, conflicts can occur at some point in time. It can be caused by various factors and can affect several people.

Issues in the office among employees as well as between employees and high-ranking officers that are unresolved for quite some time can affect performance and productivity. They can have a negative impact on one’s emotions thereby affecting one’s work attitude. As such, they need to be settled as soon as possible in the most appropriate manner.

These days, workplace mediation is very much encouraged. It’s considered an effective way of resolving conflicts and ensuring that the same issues are not repeated in the future.
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Dealing with Negative Productivity

There is no dearth of advice on how to increase productivity. From simple time-tracking principles to a more efficient work space, there is much we can all do to increase our productivity. There are also countless productivity tools and apps available today geared towards helping us manage our work and daily lives. Despite this, I find that very little emphasis is put in managing negative productivity.

I’ve been reading old post from one of my favorite bloggers of all time, Sacha Chua, and her post about negative productivity caught my eye. For those following her blog for sometime now, we all know how her productivity will put most to shame. Well, here’s what she has to say about negative productivity and how to handle it.

“The trick to dealing with negative productivity is to catch yourself – ideally, shortly before you mess up, but shortly afterwards is fine too. Do not make things worse in the process of trying to fix things.”

She goes on to say that “it’s better to detect your periods of negative productivity on non-critical operations than to” catch them too late and end up with a bigger mess in your hands.

I know this principle is something that isn’t new. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same is true for things that decrease our productivity. Catching it early on is something that we all need to do, but if you are to do that you must make it a habit to check yourself regularly for things that might be affecting your productivity and fix what ever needs fixing whenever you can.


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Productivity Tips for Work-at-Home Parents

One of the best things about the internet boom is that it has opened up opportunities to work from home that otherwise would never have existed. As a work-at-home mom with two small kids, being able to stay at home and see to the kids while earning enough money to help ease the financial burden at home is a huge deal. However, the set-up is quite frankly less than ideal if your goal is maximum productivity at work.

When it comes to working at home, any parent knows that no matter how well you plan out the day something is bound to happen to disrupt your schedule. It may be something trivial like spilled milk, or something more important like a trip to the emergency room. No matter what it is, the point is that the small things can add up leaving you wondering at the end of the day where all the time went, and having to scramble to finish your work.

If you work at home and have kids, here are some tips that could hopefully help increase your productivity:

Set aside a work space for you – The work space may be an entire room, or just a small corner at the kitchen. The point is that you should have a place where you can put your laptop and the rest of your work stuff that the kids will know are off limits. Having a work station will also help you not just in having a place to dump all your things, but help put you in the zone once you start working.

Establish your kids’ bedtime – This is not only good for your kids, but will also give you a more predictable time of the day when you can catch up on work without any interruptions. The few minutes you spend putting them to bed might will earn you hours of “you time” and plus points in the bonding department.

Pre-post – Every time you have a chance to do work ahead of time, do so. Publish posts ahead of time so that the next time some emergency arises you won’t have to worry to much about unfinished work because you’ve already done them ahead of time!


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How to Make Full Time Salary by Means of Blogging

Do you want to earn extra money without interfering with your day to day activities? Well then you can, with a little patience and creativity, you can earn money online and lots of them for that matter. By simple blogging your way to the internet market, you can earn a full time salary in three simple steps. A business MBA person can benefit a great deal from this. Click here to know about this. Continue reading