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3 Tips For Keeping Your Business’s Website Secure

In the modern business world, almost all sensitive data is stored or viewed using the Internet. While you can use an intranet for certain things, businesses that allow customers or clients to make online purchases will have to keep a large portion of their business information accessible to people who want to work with them. Sadly, this can open your business and your website up to people who might want to cause you harm. On the plus side, there are measures you can take to minimize the online risk to your business and its website. To show you how, here are three tips for keeping your business’s website secure. Continue reading

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5 Tips For Effective Professional Websites That Use Social Media

Personal websites are one thing – they have a tremendous amount of freedom of expression, content, and format. Professional websites – sites that promote things like corporations, lawyers, doctors, or things like that – have a different tack they need to take concerning blogging and social media.

To prevent the worlds of the amateur and the professional from colliding on line, here are five observational tips to make sure your website stays up to snuff: think about how lawyers promote, think about how doctors present themselves, consider how technology and communication are changing, think of how different people perceive things nowadays, and think about transparency and trust.

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Think About the Lawyers

Lawyers have a tough job of it on the Internet, to try to get their selling points across. A cross-reference to problems lawyers have will give you the very basics of why it’s tough for them to compete against each other. If you’re in this group – don’t believe the hype, and instead go for the techniques that are proven to work despite what so-called ‘common sense’ might tell you or your law firm. Continue reading

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Tablets Useful as a Second Monitor

As the use of tablets overtake smartphones, publishers are enjoyiong the great benefits of this mobile device. With this new portable technology, they can do their work wherever they may be.

In fact, this gadget also serves busy bloggers, writers and business owners very efficiently. It can be used a second monitor in wired workstations whether at home or in the office. Oftentimes, these people need to work on several browsers and having a single monitor may not be enough. But thanks to the tablet, they can work better and thus, be more productive.

To use your iPad as a second monitor, your first step is to download a second display app. There are Android and iOS app that somehow informs your desktop that another external monitor is connecting to your system.

Some of these popular apps are easy to configure, you can do it in a few minutes. And they’re very affordable ranging from $1.99 to a high of $9.99.
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Originally posted on November 7, 2012 @ 7:32 am Blogs Become More Mobile-Friendly


If you’re among the many bloggers who are using to host your blogs either as a free or premium account, WordPress got some good news for you. All blogs are now mobile-friendly, well at least for the iPhone and Blackberry devices.

Being mobile-friendly means that all blogs hosted on can now be displayed using an optimized WP Touch theme, provided of course that readers are using the iPhone or Blackberry devices when viewing your blogs. Readers with these devices will have easy access to blog posts, pages and archives. In addition, they will also get access to a fancy AJAX commenting and post loading interface. The mobile theme will also scale down blog headers to fit it on the screen of these mobile devices.

But how about your blog readers who are not using the iPhone and Blackberry devices? will be using the modified WordPress Mobile Edition to display your blogs.

Now, take note that this will be the standard default settings for all blogs. So, if you don’t want this feature activated you may disable it by going to Appearance – > Extras in your dashboard and disable “display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser.”

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Free alternatives to WordPress

The guys over at BlogPerfume have a look at what other free blog platforms available are next to WordPress, to host your blog with. Their list is rather complete and makes it easier to discover most alternative platforms. Handy if you want to move away from WordPress or want to have a look at all the platforms before making your choice and chose for a specific blog platform.

A while ago I published a similar but shorter list on BloggingPro. Although I only mentioned the then poplar options, I went a little more in-depth and compared pros and cons of listed platforms.

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