3 Tips For More Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

For many businesses, a huge part of your customer retention and outreach programs rest on your email marketing campaigns. But as a consumer yourself, you know how many times you’ve deleted emails sent to you by companies you’ve purchased from or worked with. And in those few times where you have opened email sent to your inbox, you rarely engage with those emails, right?

Hearing these types of truths can be disconcerting for businesses who spend a lot of valuable time and money on sending out email marketing campaigns. And while the above scenario does happen to marketing emails occasionally, there are things you can do as a company to minimize having your emails becoming overlooked and dumped in the trash.

Entice and Intrigue With Eye-Catching Visuals

Having a visually stunning email opening can work wonders for the amount of time and attention someone gives your marketing emails. In fact, because visual content can give your marketing piece 94 percent more views than text alone, according to Sam Kusinitz of HubSpot, you almost can’t afford to send out an email marketing campaign without focusing heavily on the visual aspect of the email.

To get the most impact from the visual elements of your email marketing efforts, Kusinitz suggests strategically aligning your text with your visuals to create the ultimate email campaign. If you’re not comfortable designing an entire email campaign yourself, get the assistance of a graphic designer who can help make your email a visual masterpiece.

Keep It Short and To The Point

To have the most success with your email marketing efforts, you have to give the people what they want: quick, easy access to your most important information. Your readers won’t give your email very much time to become impactful, which is why Zach Bulygo of KISSmetrics advises marketers to spend the majority of their text writing time on the email’s headline and first few words. These areas of quick impressions can make or break your email, so put in the effort necessary to come up with something great.

Reward Those Who Already Engage With You

If your readers don’t feel like they have anything to gain from consuming your promotional emails, they won’t waste their time. For this reason, it’s important to give your readers some incentive for continuing to be subscribed to your email list.

Irina Weber of Search Engine Journal suggests starting some kind of customer loyalty program that works with engaging with email marketing blasts. However, you could also include things in your emails like coupon codes or other promos to encourage an added measure of engagement with your content.

Whatever your own personal business strategy is for having more success with your email marketing campaigns, implementing the tips mentioned above can only help to make your time and effort put into this marketing element more worth your while. Best of luck!

Originally posted on October 26, 2015 @ 8:13 am

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