How To Pump Up Products With Online Marketing

Even if your store is mainly offline you can still benefit from online marketing. People spend a lot of time online these days, whether they are on their computers or on a smartphone. People shop from smartphones even, so you should be catering to this, even if you’re mainly a brick and mortar.

The internet has made it easier to sell items all over the world, and marketing online is the way to get people to see what you have to offer. Here are some tips for stepping up your product marketing online to increase sales.

Get Great At Descriptions

Take a look at other businesses and their product descriptions to get an idea of what you need to do to make yours stand out. Pick products that are popular, because their popularity may just have something to do with those product descriptions.

You want to talk about weight, size and dimensions, colors and textures, and anything else that fits the small details. People want to be able to feel as though they are holding the product in their hands simply by reading the description.

Use Your Keywords

Keywords are a must in more than just blogging. You use keywords on your website, blog or not, if you’re smart. They help people find your website when they do a web search for whatever your keywords may be.

This means that it is also important to use keywords in your product descriptions. Using them in this way, on social media, and within any online marketing you are doing can help attract more people and make more sales.

Share In More Places

If you want people to find your products you need to share them in more places. That means not just blogging or having product pages, but also sharing your products on social media, and getting other bloggers to talk about your products as well.

Product Photos Matter

To make sharing on social media even more supportive to your sales cycle, and to give people more of a description than just words can, you need to have product photos. They don’t have to be professionally done, you can even just use your smartphone.

…So Do Reviews

One way for you to ensure that people share your products, and talk about them on their blogs, is to get people to do reviews for you. You can do that by requesting buyers post reviews on your site or wherever they bought your product from (like Ebay or Amazon).

Another way to get reviews and find new customers is to ship your products off to reviewers that blog about the products they get to try. If you send them a good product you’re sure to get a good review!

Originally posted on December 2, 2016 @ 2:47 am