5 Ways To Make Money With Online Marketing

There’s a push in today’s professional process to always have a side hustle. You can have your primary job, but if you want to make some extra scratch, there are a number of ways to do that utilizing options pulled out from the idea of online marketing. And really, the more creative you get with your marketing techniques, the less it matters what you’re actually selling.

For some examples, check out the following five ways to make money with online marketing, including being an Amazon affiliate, using Google AdSense, selling independent products, offering advertising to others, and working with the ideas of donations and tips.

Amazon Affiliation

One method of online marketing that can get you some cash, but you have to work for it a bit, is to be an Amazon affiliate of sorts. This does take a bit of setup, but once you have the framework in place, the program really is set to benefit people who have websites that are willing to market the Amazon site within the context of their own blog posts. There is a process by which you have to apply, though, and then restrictions and stipulations moving forward as well.

Google AdSense

And if you want to go the more gentle route when it comes to earning money, there always your options to use the Google AdSense program. Until you get a lot of traffic moving through your site, you’re not going to make a whole lot of money getting one penny at a time, but the fact that the advertisements work automatically gives you an advantage when it comes to things like the initial basic setup of your website as a marketable entity.

Selling Independent Products

And if you want to go the less corporate route, you can figure out how to sell products independently on your site through various marketing means. You can sell physical products, like books and CDs, or you can sell digital products like software or even services like website design. If you use a PayPal business account, many of your financial transactions will be that much easier.

Offering Advertising To Others

Another way to earn some money through marketing is by allowing other people to advertise through your virtual sites. You can sell top banners, or side ads, that link directly to other people’s parked websites. If you have the code available, you can charge them per click, or if not, you can just charge them a flat rate for a certain amount of time.

Donations and Tips

And finally, it’s easier than ever to hook your website up with a donations or a tip jar option. With PayPal especially, you can market yourself with basic content, and then simply have a call to action at the end where you say ‘donate to my cause’, and see if you get any hits or bites.

Originally posted on December 2, 2016 @ 2:42 am