Online Marketing: Showcasing the Best Options For a Situation

A big part of successful online marketing is going to be how well you make the idea of comparisons work for you. A few different levels to illustrate as an example of this include comparing your own goods and services to similar products (in a way that shows you to be better), or you can also showcase your knowledge of an industry by listing comparisons of things that you know about as an expert.

To show you how this works, consider the ways that websites can highlight the best of an industry, collect awesome consumer reviews, create lists for people’s benefit (along with creating better SEO!), and be sure to work with the idea of phrases in a way that’s appropriate and flexible, in order to connect to different people’s attitudes as well as expand your semantic marketing potential.

Highlighting the Best of an Industry

When you highlight the best of an industry, you’re doing several things as a marketer for your own businesses. First, you’re showing the people who visit your site that you can give them value without asking for anything in return. For example, if your company is in the finance industry, you can talk about the best cash advance companies, and the people who visit your site will begin to trust your brand because you’re giving them accurate advice outside of your benefit, but still inside your speciality. Second, when they read positive highlights, this will give them a reason to keep coming back to your site in future searches for related information.

Listing the Best Consumer Reviews

There are lots of great websites where the first thing that you see on their homepage is a list of customer and consumer reviews. This looks great from a browser standpoint, it humanizes your brand, and it’s excellent SEO because the words and phrases used will have high value from Google’s algorithmic standpoint.

Creating Lists For SEO Benefits

A solid technique for showcasing the ‘best of’ categories on your website is also to create lists with tags and categories. And especially if you choose to link the items in these lists to other high-value websites, you’ll begin to create the web of ‘link juice’ that is so valued internally in web structures. There are websites that are entirely based on creating lists, and they tend to have excellent followings.

Making Sure Phrases Are Appropriate and Flexible

Phrasing is more important than ever in the SEO world, because Google’s search engines are starting to understand semantics and levels of expertise in textual descriptions. What this means to you, is that the better your content is written, the more highly it will be valued. Keyword stuffing will be a thing of the past, and natural language is going to take over the web world.

Originally posted on March 31, 2017 @ 3:19 am