Combining Information Value and SEO Value In Website Publications

One thing that occasionally gets lost in the shuffle to meet numbers and standards and promote pages, brands and traffic is that fact that good SEO and high value are meant to parallel each other. In other words, good SEO is supposed to happen naturally when web posts are informative and networked according to the best use for people looking for information.

So, sometimes it’s smart, instead of thinking of first writing great content, and then writing SEO material to get people to move toward that content, to just combine them together in the first place! Five ways in particular that you can do this would be including cost vs. value charts, listing popular searches and product reviews, correctly labeling images, and avoiding Flash-focused websites.

Cost Vs. Value Charts

When it comes to many, many industries, one of the most important benefits of getting a service is the cost versus the value. Interestingly, charts showing cost vs. value have a tremendous SEO benefit as well. In terms of text, they have all of the keywords at the right proportions, all the data organized in a way that makes sense to web crawlers, and all of the necessary links to backup the information presented. Everyone wins!

Lists of Popular Searches

Within your industry, using lists of popular searches works as positive SEO as well. For example, if you have a website that deals with the audio or music industries, having blog posts listing top songs is a great way to provide value as well as having all of the necessary keywords and links to have high-visibility SEO as well. In these cases, it’s almost a no-brainer to use lists of popularity as often as possible, especially if within the text you have insights that are specific to your brand.

Lists of Product Reviews

Another great SEO method is to go through lists of product reviews that are related (but not competitive to) your industry. For example, if you have a nutrition website, you might have posts on your blog about the best home workout routines. Linking to individual pages shows foresight and organization on your part, as well as authority, and is valuable to people who are also pursuing healthy eating.

Correctly Labeled Images

A big part of SEO is scanning the text of images that you use. Gibberish titles don’t help web crawlers determine the essence of your site, so always properly label and title every single image on your pages.

Avoiding Flash

Flash sites were popular not that long ago, but for SEO purposes, they’re a bit of a nightmare. There’s no text associated with them specifically in many cases, so though the animations were pretty, without other SEO techniques included, many Flash-based sites often were left in obscurity.

Originally posted on April 7, 2016 @ 8:51 am

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