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Focus is Hard

There are many people that don’t understand what I do for a living. They assume that I can start and stop at any time, and that I am free to go with them to do the things they want me to do. They don’t understand my long hours or why I need things to be structured a certain way, but it all comes down to focus.

If you want to succeed at working from home and making a living online, be it from blogging or something else, you need to have focus, and you need to find ways to make others understand that the focus to do your job well isn’t easy.

Right now my focus is really messed up. My wife is only working casually right now which means she is hope a lot more. I am used to her working between eight and twelve hours a day, and so having her home all of the time has absolutely destroyed my normal daily flow and disturbed my focus immensely.

It isn’t that she is always bothering me, or getting in my way, but she does take advantage of the fact that I am home, no matter how plainly I explain to her that I need to work. She doesn’t understand that I need to take many short breaks between projects to unwind, as well as having uninterrupted periods of time, sometimes for many hours, where I can be productive.

Without being able to focus on my work, certain extra projects that I used to have time for fall by the wayside. Everything takes longer because I am not getting into that “groove” where I reach my peak productivity, and certain tasks that would normally take me three or four hours, now seem to stretch on for an entire day, only making me feel more stressed, further behind and a little annoyed.

It definitely makes me want to have an office outside of home, and it is taking a huge amount of time to re-adjust how I get into my focused state so that I can produce quality content in a timely manner.

So if you have been wondering why this blog has been a little slow lately, now you know. If anyone has any tips to increase my focus, work from home while the wife is home and making the most of such close quarters, I would love to hear them. Please let me know in the comments below.

The Friendly Behaviour of Web 2.0

The term web 2.0 is concerned with the interaction of the users. For this it makes use of the small applications concerning the software employed. The best thing about this application is that it is compatible with a lot of platforms like Java, Ajax and Adobe. There are many website hosting companies which make use of web 2.0 to get more accessibility to different software’s. The developers find it to be easier and safer as they can work according to the request of the end user.
Through internet you can look for the best website hosting companies who have experts to guide you. You can even send your requirements to them and they will work according to it. Some organizations offer plans which are based on the different needs so you can pick a plan which will go with your website. But at the same if the available resources are not fully utilized then there is no point in putting money in to it. You can try any platform to work with your website but it should look awesome and worth trusting companies.

There are lots of features which are given by web 2.0 and that includes searching for respective keywords. For people who are authorized by the web can make the information dynamic and offering the updated content to the people. Though online option you can share your views and thoughts about any topic via social networking websites. Tags, RSS and extensions are the other characteristics which you will come across. Hence you can get a variety with higher version of web 2.0.

Optimizing Your Blogging Costs with a Calling Card

After you’ve been in the blogging game for a while, you’ve probably developed a good monthly, or even weekly plan to follow in order to keep growing and developing your blogs. This also includes all the various expenses you’ve got related to the operation of that blog, which can sometimes grow quite large – though if you’re running your blog properly you should have no trouble offsetting those costs through your revenue. It’s always good to cut down on costs whenever you can though – and a good calling card can let you do exactly that, believe it or not.

Calling cards hold benefits for everyone, not just for travelers, as they’re mostly considered. The design of modern calling card systems makes them highly versatile and applicable to a wide variety of situations and needs. If you need free calls, for example, a calling card is exactly what you need to get those sweet benefits. Bear in mind that every type of card would come with its own specific conditions though, so make sure you get one that suits your needs – e.g., figure out who you most often talk to and which cards offer deals for their carrier, and so on.

The free calls you’ll be getting from your calling card can often net you a lot of money in savings – but be careful with how you use those cards, as it can easily turn out to be a pointless venture if you’re not using their potential to the fullest.

Are you lost in the world of Web 2.0

Many social sites are coming up each day, and though it is good to open an account on every one of them, be sure you are not wasting your time on these sites as the contacts made by you are valuable, not the sites themselves. These sites try holding your fascination and attention for as much more time as possible by offering all kinds of things for you to do while these sites paste advertisements all over their page, hoping that you may click on any one of them.

Most of such people who are always on the web have already become tired of such unlimited web hosting sites, and they are not using them for much time as before due to the realization that these sites were not providing anything valuable.

Even if you have account on the Web 2.0 sites, which are supposed to be” cool” but still instant messaging or e-mail or phone and visiting people in person is a much better way of having a real both way communication. This two-way communication happens to be the key for developing relationships with other people, and Twitter and any other such sites cannot truly provide the fulfilling experience that makes requirement by everyone.

So, remove such sites from your phone, and stop logging into these sites such as Facebook. Instead, focus on making relationships with people in real not hiding behind unlimited web hosting sites whose only aim is to attract more people to join their sites to make more money.