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5 Communication Methods To Help With Online Marketing

Marketing is all about communication. So, strictly from a verbal standpoint, it can help your perspective to consider that online marketing is all about online communication. Though you don’t want to narrow yourself to just that specific way of thinking, at the very least it will help you think about what sort of communication style you want to use if you are trying to reach people through nontraditional media.

For instance, if you do things like embrace the idea of video conferences, learn to be virtually conversational, always keep your audience preferences in mind, maintain a balance of listening is aching in the virtual realm, and make it a point not to forget about the importance of attention span, then you will have a lot of online advantages without a whole lot of effort initially. Continue reading

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Webinar as an Effective Online Tutorial Tool


On the web today, professionals, small business owners and companies passionate about teaching people on how to do things whether in real life or on the internet can use various free online tools. They can create a blog, slideshows or they can also create a video, a podcast or even a webinar.

While videos posted on YouTube and other video sharing sites are popular these days and a good avenue to do tutorials, a more formal option is to hold a webinar. Free and paid systems are available but it’s essential to choose one that can meet your needs. It’s best to learn first about the providers available at

The major benefit of a webinar is it allows real time interaction between the presenter and his audience during a specific schedule and attendees can discuss many issues during the live presentation.

For teachers and professionals wanting to reach out to their students and potential clients, the webinar system can become their virtual classroom or training platform. It enables them to connect with people in different places around the world at little or no cost at all. Additionally, this online tool allows them to share their knowledge and skills over the internet. Continue reading

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nextMEDIA: Lunch and Networking

Check out Branding David for the index on the nextMEDIA posts for the event. I have written up many session highlights that could be very useful and informative for those interested in making money online.

Grabbing my sandwich lunch just before everyone else, I then started to charge up my laptop. I took out my iPod Touch, and found out that I had wireless Internet access available. It wasn’t a strong signal, nor was it fast, but it allowed me to check my e-mail and post some stories. Of course, this lead everyone to come over to where I was and start using the wireless.

Jenn Lowther was the one that stuck with me the longest and used my laptop as a way to charge up her quickly dying iPhone. She works as a social media strategist for invoke and was probably my best conversation thus far.

She also let me know that Northern Voice is definitely on again this year, as I had previous doubts about that conference. I am not yet sure how or if I will be able to attend Northern Voice, as it is held in beautiful British Columbia, which is on the other side of the country. They have done a refresh of the website, and it looks very nice, and so I can’t wait to see it launch, which Jenn said should be any hour or day now.

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WordCamp Toronto’s Hash Tag Hilarity

Great story about WordCamp Toronto 2008. My cousin and I were sitting in our hotel room, and we couldn’t find any mention of what the WordCamp Toronto hash tag for the event was going to be, and so my cousin, Mark Wood, decided that it should be something like #wcto08. He put out a message on Twitter at 08:13 AM on October 4th, saying “WordCamp Toronto in an hour and a half. Hope to meet some cool people while I am there. #WCTO08”. I then, only a minute later, put out a quick Twitter saying, “WordCamp Toronto hash tag #WCTO08 πŸ˜› Deal with it. :)”.

After our messages, people started using the same tag for their Twitters, and other things, until we got to the event, and the organizers let us know that the hash tag should be #wct08. Despite this set back, I continued to push out as many tweets as possible under the one my cousin had created, and when Joseph Thornley took the stage, it only got more complicated as he announced that the hash tag for the event should be #wpto08. We then had three event tags on Twitter, for a single event. It was safe to say that many people were confused, and slightly annoyed.

Questions started circulating if people should just add two or all three tags to their Twitters so that they are easy to find. No one wanted their tweets to be ignored for the event, especially as it was a great bulletin board of communication.

Over time, thanks to my constant messaging on Twitter, and my work at converting others, the #wcto08 hash tag showed up on the trending list, as an event tag that was being used fairly often. The other tags not getting a mention at all, and so over the course of Saturday, messages went out with the #wcto08 tag at a rate of ten to every one message that included the “official” #wct08 tag.

The second day began with the same confusion, as it was stated at the start of the day that we should be using the #wct08 hash tag on Twitter, and ideally on all sites we post WordCamp Toronto content on. It then became apparent that, while we still had many supporters, the #wct08 hash tag might win the day. It quickly appeared on Twitter’s Trending list, and over the course of the day the two fought out for their spot.

Interestingly enough though, my cousin, a few others, and myself continued to use the tag that Mark had come up with, and we were the heavier Twitter users, so by the end of the second, and final day, I think we had created enough messages that the #wcto08 tag was pushed out at around a rate of three or four messages to every one that was tagged as #wct08.

I know this all seems silly, but the issue could have been fixed quite easily. Since the #wcto08 tag was trending higher, and faster, the organizers, instead of sticking to their guns, could have adapted and promoted the more popular tag, so that people didn’t feel the need to tag their messages with both hash tags for the event.

Next time though, I think the tag for the event will be chosen much earlier to avoid such confusion, but for histories sake, I want to say again that my cousin, Mark Wood, selected the Twitter hash tag that became more popular than the official one, at WordCamp Toronto 2008.

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Blog World Expo Business Cards

Over the course of Blog World Expo, I was fortunate enough to meet many new people, and one of the interesting aspects of heading to a conference like Blog World is the number of business cards you pick up.

I wanted to give a quick shout out to the people that gave me their card, and the companies they represent.

Thomas M. Vail – Cart-Away Concrete Systems
Over in the corner of the exhibits there was a concrete mixer, and two guys with very bold green shirts. They were there promoting their business outside of its normal niche, and in doing so, became one of the highlights of the event for me. It made me wonder if other businesses will begin to catch on that Blog World Expo could be an amazing opportunity for businesses that don’t normally interact with bloggers to find a whole new group of potential customers and if nothing else, be noticed by a crowd that is well connected online. Check out their Typepad blog.

While they weren’t giving away any concrete services, not that they service Canada anyways, it was still really great to see them there, and their approach was amazing. I really hope that they do well as a business just because of their outreach to us bloggers.

Zac Johnson –
Out of all of the affiliate marketing experts that were at the event, Zac Johnson was really the only one that talked to me at any reasonable length, despite not really knowing me before the conference. He was an approachable guy, with a very calm attitude. I don’t think he realized how much of a celebrity he has become for a very wide group of people online, as some of the things he has done with integrating advertising and products has been far ahead of the curve. It was a real pleasure to have met him.

Thomas J. Hoehn – Kodak
One of the coolest things that I learned while at Blog World Expo was information on how big name brands and companies are integrating social media, blogging and online story telling into the corporate culture, and while Kodak might have been considered slow in really fighting for the digital camera scene, they are jumping in with both feet with regards to the web. Thomas was great to talk to and really seems to understand blogging as a form of story telling over top of just a marketing tool. I was really impressed with his insights and hope to hear more of Kodak and their online efforts over the coming months.

Sarah East – The Pop Crunch Show
I am a married man, but I still have a horrible crush on Sarah East, the host of the Pop Crunch Show. I hate celebrity news, but I watch it anyways and so when I found out she was at Blog World Expo, I wanted to meet her. We both work for the same person, but I have to admit, I had a little bit of celebrity worship going on when I met her. She was very down to earth, funny, and charming. In the short conversation I got to have with her, she really seemed to know her stuff outside of just the online video realm, and understood the business of producing content.

Angela Lauria – Commission Videos
If there is one person that I recommend every blogger, blog network, and online thought leader seek out, it would be Angela. I had met her before in Vancouver at Northern Voice, and I was impressed with her then, but she has continued to step up her game and Commission Videos looks great! I really enjoyed talking with her and if you are putting video on your site and not monetizing it, then you are getting it from the wrong source, and I recommend checking out Commission Videos. Angela understands advertising, business management and their interconnections with the web, and is building products where her limiting factor is not the advertising side, but finding enough publishers, and in my opinion, that is a great problem for and advertising service to have.

Eric Golub – The Tygrrrr Express
Aaron Phillips –
Mario Phillips – gooseGrade
Greg Kuiper – layeredtech
Debby Phillips – Market Leverage
Kate Heffernan – outbrain
Jack LeVine – Uncle Jack’s
Rion Morgenstern – mindtouch
Connie Bensen – Connie Bensen
Becky Jutzi – SodaHead
S. Neil Vineberg – Vineberg Communications
Michael Rubin – gaspedal
Angie A. Swartz – Six Figure Moms Club
Scott S. Lawton – Blogcosm
Dana Rockel – Content Robot
Ezra Butler – Ezra Butler
Andraz Tori and Jure Cuhalev – Zemanta

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